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Komatsu/Joy Global/Harnischfeger/P&H Shovels


Joy Global also absorbed LeTourneau Earth Moving Machines.

Street View

A history written to celebrate their 100th anniversary of manufacturing P&H shovels. (In 1930, P&H switched from riveting to welding in their manufacturing process.)
A more detailed history describes 135 years of P&H. (P&H started as a machine shop. When an overhead crane in their shop failed, they designed and built a better replacement. Other companies wanted that design so they got into the overhead crane business. Later they started making shovels because they were not as feast-or-famine as overhead cranes.)

Peter Sjögren posted
Got a nice brochure today!
Jay Wilson: 5 built. 4 shovels, 1 barge mounted backhoe [shovel].

Mark Bridle commented on Peter's post
This is my magazine when they dedicated Big Don.
[This was the P&H shovel at the Captain Mine.]
Martin Johnson: The original 5700 LR had a 90 foot boom and 60 foot stick. It was later converted to a "standard" shovel with a 62 foot boom and 41 foot stick.
["LR" must stand for "long reach."]
Don Perryman: It was a 50 yd machine that had a longer boom and sticks with a 25 yd bucket.
[Other comments indicate thta this was the biggest shovel built on two crawlers.]

Karyl May provided two photos on Jay's comment with the comment: "Yes only 5 built over 13 years (1978-1991), and all are now scrap ūüė≠ The Dredger ("Chicago") was actually either a shovel or clamshell arrangement."
Peter Sjögren: Last job Chicago did was job between Sweden and Denmark.
Karyl May: Peter Sjögren yes it sank during a storm.
[Additional comments indicate that it is still under water.]


John Alms commented on a comment on Peter's post
Big Don about 1990

This is their larges model currently made.

0:57 video @ 0:30

Here are the specs for the 4100XPC model in the video. It is their second largest shovel.

Daniel Foged posted eight images with the comment: "P&H 2300XP-A brochure from my collection."








To access this link, you need to join the HISTORICAL STRIPPING SHOVEL & DRAGLINE ARCHIVE group. Joining this group will also allow you to flip through the above eight images using Facebook.
21 images of the P&H 5700 rope shovel brochure
Gavin Handley commented on the second link
1 pass loading 85T 777

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