Saturday, December 17, 2022

CSX/L&N Tunnel Under Eastwood, KY

(Bridge Hunter; See below for Satellite information)

J.B. Rail Photog posted
12/15/2022 - Tunnel motors exiting out of a tunnel!  R. J. Corman Z544-15 exits out of the south end of the tunnel at Eastwood, KY, on the Old Road Subdivision.

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A former L&N route.,-85.4511776,920m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
J.B. Rail Photog posted
11/09/2023 - R. J. Corman Z546 comes out of the east end of the Eastwood Tunnel in Eastwood, KY, on the Old Road Subdivision.

Note the two "ears" that have been carved into the top of the tunnel to create clearance for double-stack container trains.
Photo by J.P. via BridgeHunter

A topo map made it easy to find the tunnel.
1951 Fisherville Quad @ 24,000

J.B. Rail Photog posted
12/28/2022 - R. J. Corman Z546 led by GMTX 9014 (formerly a NYSW leaser) northbound on the Old Road Subdivision in Eastwood, KY.
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J.B. Rail Photog posted
05/06/2023 - CSX P001-06 slowly moves through the tunnel in Eastwood, KY, with CSXT 1,2, and 3 leading the "Derby Train" on the Old Road Subdivision northbound which is normally on R. J. Corman trains but on this day VIPs are brought via train to Louisville, KY, where they will experience the Kentucky Derby wined and dined on the way and at the track.

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