Sunday, December 4, 2022

Carson Avenue Bridge over I-465, a Traingle Lift and the I-69 Finish Line


The reason for noting just an overpass is that it taught me about a "triangle lift" and the I-69 Finish Line project.
I had to watch this video multiple times to figure out how the right side of the beam was being held. The right side was lifted by a crawler crane that starts in the far background. It then walks towards us on the Interstate as the left side was slewed out over the creek.
0:34 video @ 0:17
Passing beams in mid-air 👀… Due to challenges working over a creek and next to I-465, our team prepared and executed their plan to “pass” 136-foot-long precast beams in mid-air using a lifting triangle between three cranes. The operation was for the rebuild of an overpass bridge at Carson Avenue over I-465 in Indianapolis, part of the I-69 Finish Line project.

I'm saving a current "before" image.

This is one of the I-465 overpasses that is being rebuilt because a fourth lane is being added to each direction on I-465 between West I-70 and South I-65 because South I-69 will dump its traffic onto I-465.
I-69 Finish Line posted
Progress continues on the Carson Avenue bridge replacement. This is the final bridge replacement over I-465 in the I-69 project and construction is expected to wrap up around the end of the year [2022]. Additional lanes will lead to greater capacity and will keep traffic flowing.

This traffic access map is the best overview I found the I-69 Finish Line project.
Traffic Access Map via i69finishline

To join I-465, I-69 will turn West of the IN-37 route.
Marion Count and four right-arrow clicks

Fortunately, the new route is through a rather sparse industrial area.

And Harding Street will terminate on Epler Avenue instead of IN-37.
Marion Count and three right-arrow clicks

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