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Coal Feeders and Pulverizers for Power Plants

Greg Mallory posted three photos with the comment: "Dug and unplugged a bunch of these things!"
Ken Peth: Stock brand coal feeder that controls the amount of coal going into the pulverizer.
Rick Britton: We punched them with the mills running. When you broke through, you knew it! The dust and hot air blew back and filled the feeder floor with coal dust, until you could get the feeder door closed!
Skip Bohner: Rick Britton primary air! In your face.
Greg Mallory: Rick Britton, I busted a wrist isolating a hit air damper while cleaning a running mill!
[Some comments mention fire as well.]



Greg Mallory posted
Stock Feeder
Robert Buckhave: Downside is HOT (burning) coal.
Todd Stacy: Pleasants doesn't have the weight sensing system but same otherwise. Done quite a few belts. Broke a few pulleys and mounts during wet coal.

And here are some of the pulverizers that got fed by the feeders.

Greg Mallory posted three photos with the comment: "MPS."
Roger Shuttlesworth: I spent many years doing maintenance on the MPS89 mills! They were and are really good mills and so much better than the old B&W ball mills!
[Judging from some comments, MPS is a brand of pulverizers.]



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Jake Kirkman: Greg Mallory hate hearing that crunch of a broken ball though!

Greg Mallory posted
Old B&W ball mills ...... ewwww

Greg Mallory posted

Caleb Johnson posted
The best mills we have.
Paul Cipollone: Looks like old B&W ball mills like unit 3 at Beckjord.
David Lukens: Are CE RB (Raymond bowl) mills, older deep bowl suction mills. What size? Maybe 533
Bob Ciminel: Nothing like a pulverizer mill fire to make shift turnovers interesting. “Oh, by the way . . . .”
Dan Beeler: It's crazy for me to think our mills get fed 72,000lbs. of coal an hour. Each. We had six. Always have 4 running.
[See the comments for a significant discussion of CE RB pulverizer models.]

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Nope, definitely not B&W ball mills. Here's some B&W ball mills I worked with.

John Vincent commented
Here's one we had an explosion in the tempering damper back in 1968. My buddy had just climbed down off the machine after checking the roller bearing oil levels when it went.

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