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Dec 20, 2022: NS train vs. 134' concrete bridge beam in road crossing (derailment in Colegedale, TN)


I normally skip derailments caused by hitting trucks on a crossing because they are common and the comments contain so much noise. But in this case a train hit a 134' concrete bridge beam. The truck driver was not hurt. The two train crewmen that were taken to a hospital had minor injuries. All three locomotives and 10 freight cars derailed. When the new bridge is done, the highway will be grade separated from the railroad.

The locomotive dragged part of the beam down the tracks and then they fell on it.
NewsChannel9, first video
This web site also has a photo gallery of 26 photos.

This is the bridge to which the beam was being hauled. More on the bridge below.
1 of 10 photos of the cleanup posted by NS Locomotives , Equipment and its Predecessors (shared)

I was perturbed when the reporter in the above video @ 1:35 said the truck was stopped by a green light because I could not find any traffic lights in the street views. But I did find a stop sign. Furthermore, a video shows the truck was not stopped. It was rolling when it was hit.  I later discovered that the source of the "stopped at a traffic light" information was the fire department.

This is the video that shows the truck was not stopped. It was slowly rolling through the crossing, and it didn't have a lot left before it would have been clear.
Video @ 0:03 on NewsChannel9, cropped

I think this is another copy of the same video. 
0:00 on NewsChannel9, cropped

Third of twenty photos via TimesFreePress
Photo by Todd Pettibone Aviation Specialists Inc. / Emergency vehicles respond to the scene of a Norfolk Southern Railway train derailment in Collegedale on December 20, 2022.

NS Locomotives , Equipment and its Predecessors posted
Brinson Prioleau: Wonder why they didn't coordinate this move with the railroad.
Brandon Scharfetter: Brinson Prioleau they did. There were Railroad employees on site.
Jack D. Kuiphoff: They are all At fault. The escort is supposed to notify the railroad when they have an oversized load crossing the tracks. The railroad stops movements until the load is safely across. They are all rookies. The driver, escort, and company owner should all be fined and lose their licenses. Period.
Dennis DeBruler: Jack D. Kuiphoff Why do you assume the trucking company has the rookies? According to a comment by Brandon Scharfetter on this post, they did coordinate with the railroad and there were railroad employees on site.

The driver was hardly a rookie. He was 64 years old and had two escort cars. And they work for a company that specializes in the transport of long beams. TDOT is still claiming the truck was stopped because of a traffic light. Trains were rolling through the area within 24 hours, but at 25mph instead of the normal 45mph. But some roads were still closed. [NewsChannel9-update]

I skipped several Facebook posts. I saw no additional information unless you want to count the number of people that assume the truck driver was at fault.

1 of 10 photos of the cleanup posted by NS Locomotives , Equipment and its Predecessors (shared)

It looks like a lot more beams will be needed to finish the bridge so hopefully they can build another beam and it will cure in time to maintain their schedule.
This is a $97.2m project that is scheduled for completion by June 2025.

Frist of seven photos via TimesFreePress-project

They are widening TN-317 from 2 to 5 lanes. According to a satellite image, bridges 2-5 are done, but they were just starting on Bridge 1 in that image.
Map via TDOT

2:19 video @ 1:49

The fist two phases are done. The current project is Phase 3, and it is now up to $97.2m.
@ 0:39

The beginning of the Bridge 1 construction.
2:45 video @ 1:58

Jan 11, 2023:
safe_image for Truck driver arrested after Collegedale train derailment
"An investigation revealed Cruz-Vega also did not make contact or arrangements with Norfolk Southern Railroad about his delivery route."

safe_image for Driver Involved With NS Derailment Arrested, Charged in Tennessee
"The Collegedale, Tenn., Police Department announced this week that Jorge Luis Cruz-Vega had been arrested and charged with failure to yield, a registration violation, and felony reckless endangerment."

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