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DGVR/C&O Bridge over Trout Run near Greenbrier River north of Cass, WV

(no Bridge Hunter; Road Map, I used a road map instead of a satellite location because the tracks are hidden by trees in a satellite image.)

The DGVR runs multiple tourist routes and the restoration of this route will connect their Cass Scenic Railroad with their Durbin Rocket.

Cass Scenic Railroad posted six photos with the comment:
We are happy to report that bridge construction has resumed on the Greenbrier River Line at Trout Run! In early October, two massive 65-foot long bridge beams were delivered to Cass and later moved to the construction site by rail. crews, along with the WV Division of Highways and WV Rail Authority successfully installed the beams on the bridge abutments which were completed in early 2021. Over the next several weeks crews will continue to complete the bridge ahead of winter. 
We are very excited for rail excursions from Cass to Durbin to return for the first time since the devastating 1985 floods. Stay tuned for more information on the exciting plans we have for our 2023 season!
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[Some comments indicate that the original bridge and its abutments will left in place.
I wonder how they built the temporary work bridge. The boom on their crane doesn't seem long enough.]

Dave Ginny Cunningham
: Is this the same bridge my company (Mid Atlantic) drilled the foundations for ? And brought our big drill in with the work train to the job.
Walter Scriptunas II: Dave, it is!

Evan Armstrong commented on the fifth photo
Picture of the abutments from when I walked the line in 2015.

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Cass is near the bottom and Durbin is near the top. Note that the route from the Lumber RR to Bald Knob has yet to be built.
1924 Cass and Durbin Quads @ 62,500


I noticed that we were in a wilderness because Nida is just a name on Google Maps. There is no town. (In fact, I changed the title from "near Nida" to "north of Cass." Then I noticed that we are just across a mountain ridge from the Green Bank Telescope. And there is no road along the Greenbrier River! The road is along the mountain ridge to the West.

The plans to run excursion trains over this route are coming to fruition.
Cass Scenic Railroad posted
The anticipation is building for the start of Greenbrier Express train rides between Cass and Durbin and we want to provide an update. 
Details are currently being finalized for a special inaugural public excursion in May. This historic ride will be one not to be missed! We look forward to announcing these plans soon along with our complete 2023 schedule.
We appreciate everyones patience and excitement as we prepare to debut West Virginia’s newest rail excursion!
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Former C&O branch

The trains are running:
Trains Magazine posted
Big stuff happening in West Virginia today. We were on location at Durbin as the inaugural run of the Greenbrier Express from Cass arrived. The last time one could ride from Cass to Durbin by rail was in 1985. Big, big kudos to the guys at the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad and the Cass Scenic Railroad for rebuilding this line! Go take a ride the next time you are in the area. It follows the Greenbrier River the entire way. -Kevin
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Former C&O branch

Cass Scenic Railroad posted
Last weekend we were joined on board the Greenbrier Express by author and historian William P. McNeel. In April 1985 Mr. McNeel published The Durbin Route, a definitive history of the former Chesapeake & Ohio Greenbrier Division. At the time, the future of the Cass to Durbin line seemed bright with rail tourism beginning to flourish. However, just a few months later on November 5, 1985 the route would be destroyed by a historic flood. After a hiatus of 38 years and a complete rebuild, the Greenbrier Line is once again open for service!
The Durbin Route is sold at the Rail & Trail Store.
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