Friday, December 2, 2022

Abandoned VA-660/VA-60 Pin-Connected Bridge over Ogle Creek Bridge near Callaghan, VA

(Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; B&T; Satellite)

Near Callaghan, VA, there is effectively a bridge museum. Within about a mile, from west to east, is a pin-connected bridge, a riveted bridge and a covered wood bridge.

"The National Bridge Inventory gives a 1932 construction date, which either is a default date in Virginia indicating an unknown construction date, or indicates the bridge was moved here at that date. The bridge is likely pre-1900." [HistoricBridges]
"When the US Route 60 and Alternate US Route 60 intersection was reconfigured into a large “Y” configuration in 1947, a new concrete bridge was constructed over Ogle Creek." [B&T]

Street View

Dec 2008 Photo by C Hanchey via BridgeHunter

Since the deck is gone, it is easy to see the pin construction with the bottom chord.
Dec 2008 Photo by C Hanchey via BridgeHunter

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