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Seaspan Railroad Ferry to Vancouver Island

Island (Nanaimo, BC) Dock: (3D Satellite)
Mainland (Tilbury, BC) Dock:: (3D Satellite)


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photo courtesy of Braeden Cherrington
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Though I am not sure of what crossing, CP unit, boxcars and caboose.
[Given the "sinfin" photo above, I believe that is this ferry route.]

The ferry service is run by Seaspan. But their web site doesn't even mention the railroad ferry. Their primary service is transporting trailers to and from the island. They have four ferries and three RORO articulated tug and barge units.

This is one of  their two largest vessels.
Hull: 145 x 26 x 7
Trailers: 59
Both of these ferries are "dual-fuelled/hybrid (diesel, LNG and battery) eco-ferries." [Seaspan-environment]

Seaspan's "drop trailer" service explains why a loaded ferry looked more like containers than railcars or trucks.

And why they have such big parking lots next to the docks.
3D Satellite

Although it appears that some drivers do ride with their trailer.
Henery Tindall, Aug 2020

Seaspan also has a trailer service to the southern end of the island.

This map shows that BNSF, as well as both Canadian railroads, have access to the railcar ferry.
crd, p12 @ 200%

These two photos indicate there is another railroad dock on the island.
Photo via HeritageRail

crd, p11

But I could not find that dock. However, I did find a dock that served some industry.

(For future reference: a ferry between Mexico and Mobile, AL.)

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