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1934 (VA-710+Stonewall Ave.)/US-60 Bridge over Dunlap Creek near Callaghan, VA

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Near Callaghan, VA, there is effectively a bridge museum. Within about a mile, from west to east, is a pin-connected bridge, a riveted bridge and a covered wood bridge.

Street View

1 of several Dec 2008 photos by C Hanchey on BridgeHunter
HistoricBridges notes that half of the vertical members of this Warren truss are missing. Specifically, there are no vertical members where the diagonals meet the bottom chord. (Some Warren truss designs have no vertical members.)

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The Callaghan Dunlap Creek Bridge formerly carried US Route 60 over Dunlap Creek in Callaghan, Virginia.
Bids for constructing a new bridge over Dunlap Creek near Callaghan along US Route 60 were opened by the Virginia State Highway Department in February 1934 with work beginning by Haley, Chisholm & Morris of Charlottesville in March. It was completed by workers from the federal Public Works Administration with steel sourced from the Roanoke Iron & Bridge Works of Roanoke.
In 1971, the construction of Interstate 64 forced the relocation of US Route 60, which necessitated the erection of a new bridge over Dunlap Creek. The old crossing remained intact for use by a landlocked landowner on the north side of the stream.
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2:20 video @ 0:21 via BridgeHunter comment

A sign in the above video indicated that the weight limit was 23 tons. But Sherman Cahal commented on BridgeHunter on Sep 8, 2022: "The end may be here for this bridge. Not only is it one lane because of deterioration, but it's limited to 3 tons. There is surveying markers abound and a new temporary or permanent road built for the one resident who lives on the other side."

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