Friday, December 30, 2022

1880 Pedestrian/Road/L&N Rock Lick Creek Bowstring Bridge next to Rough River near Falls of Rough, KY

(Bridge HunterHistoric Bridges; B&T; Satellite)

This bridge is still used by hunters. HistoricBridges dates this King Bridge design as ca 1878-80.

James McCray via BridgeHunter

This King Bridge uses the same threaded connections that the Green Mill Farm Bridge, which is just a mile away, uses. I labeled these notes "bridgeTrussPin" to indicate that it is an old design.
"After the abandonment of the Falls of Rough Branch of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad in 1941, the county converted the railroad right-of-way into a county road which offered superior driving conditions between the two communities. The Rock Lick Bridge was regulated for private use."

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