Tuesday, December 8, 2015

EIRC: Eastern Illinois Railroad

(Update: this railroad has been replaced by the Decatur & Eastern Illinois Railroad..)

Richard Koenig -> Off The Beaten Track Branchline Railroading
Eastern Illinois Railroad (EIRC)  operates a remnant of the Cloverleaf of the Nickel Plate between Neoga and Metcalf, IL saved from a 1988 abandonment by N&W.

Richard's comment:
Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation
This line is former NKP—a portion of which, between Neoga and Metcalf, Illinois, was operated by the Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation for a time.
Number 332 is an Alco C420, former L&N 1332, nee Monon 515. It’s funny to note that the “1” was simply removed from the number board when going from L&N to IHRC. Image by Richard Koenig; taken in August of 1990.
The Cloverleaf (Toledo, St. Louis & Western) was built in the 1880's as the narrow gauge Toledo, Cincinnati & St. Louis Railroad. It became part of the Nickel Plate in 1923. Norfolk Western sold it in 1988 to NRG, Inc. NRG contracted Indiana Hi-Rail to operate the line from May 1988 until March 1991. As with other customers of Indiana Hi-Rail, NRG because disgusted with them and EIRC took over operations in April 1991. (IlliniRail) It has an annual revenue of $1 to $2.5 million and 5 to 9 employees. (Manta) It interconnects with CN/IC in Neoga and CSX/B&O in Metcalf.

Excerpt from Cloverleaf Map

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