Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lemont's High Road Bridge

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I learned that construction started on the bridge in 1983 because the Sante Fe Depot was torn down to make way for the cranes.

As a teaser (and a reminder that I have pictures in 20140514), I'll include a picture looking West from the pedestrian crossing on the east side. I was trying to grab a picture the towboat with its bridge in the raised position before it got behind the sand pile.

20140514 0020

20150112 0022
And a reminder that I have pictures from Jan. 12, 2015 and Aug. 20, 2014.

20140820 0149
I was taking pictures of the Santa Fe intermodal train in the background, but then I noticed that this a good overview of the bridge.
20140820 0098
I was surprised how much it has rusted already.
Jerry Jackson posted three "railfan" photos of an eastbound mixed-freight train that he took from this bridge with the comment:
While standing on the Lemont Road Bridge awaiting the passage of the first trip west of GP60M's 100 & 101, I spotted this eastbound general merchandise train. I ran across the bridge and back again. Didn't seem like much back then in May of 1990.




Dennis DeBruler commented on the above posting
Now they have a fence that is over your head. And that concrete barrier is rather intimidating to jump over. I assume traffic was a lot lighter back then. Now I think BNSF runs all of their merchandise trains between Chicago and Galesburg on the Racetrack because I have yet to see one on the transcon in the Chicagoland area. Note there is a block of J.B. Hunt containers running under the bridge.
Jerry Jackson The fence looks the same to me. I'm 6'3". Back then the Chilli Sub was a mix of everything you could imagine. I was very lucky
Andrew Stephenson As for current merchandise trains on the Transcon, BNSF runs H GALIHB / H IHBGAL which get on and off at McCook. L CHI101 / L CHI102 runs to and from GM Yard at Willow Springs. These trains run as M GALCHI / M CHIGAL on the weekends.
Ramon Rhodes Which one of the above trains usually has CSX run-thru power leading it?
Andrew Stephenson Ramon, the trains mentioned above usually have BNSF power. 

As for the Chicago Sub (Racetrack) H GALBRC / H BRCGAL and M BRCEOL often has foreign power, CSX included. H NSINTW has NS power the majority of the time.

Bill Dressler The fence was there back then. I used to use a step ladder to shoot over it.

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