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1893 World's Fair (Columbian Exposition) Terminal

(Update: entrance gate?)

Illinois Central finished their Central Station in 1893 to run more trains for the 1983 World's Columbian Exposition. I've seen pictures of the "White City." But this is the first time I have seen a view of where all those trains went. One of the many attractions of the exposition was the Ferris Wheel.

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Terminal, 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. Keystone-Mast Collection, UC Riverside, California Museum of Photography.
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The railroad terminal at the World’s Columbian Exposition (also known as the Chicago World’s Fair), 1893. Photo from the Keystone-Mast collection, UC Riverside, California Museum of Photography.
[Some comments about all of this work being temporary.]

David Daruszka posted
Where is this interlocking plant?
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Here's a big hint. It controlled the tracks to this station.
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While studying the Brookdale Spur of the B&O, I learned the B&O was the other railroad that directly served the fair's depot.
1897 Map

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Correctamundo Mr. Lalich. The interlocking for the Columbina Exposition of 1893. Here's the train yard.

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And a panoramic view.
Lenny Hendricks Wow, what a TEMPORARY station. I guess the reason that most stub end terminals have a lot straighter trackage is because they are designed to last longer. Was it harder to build double slip switches with all the curves?

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I found this in an 1892 Grand Trunk Railway book about the tourist attractions along their route. It appears the IC train shed is in the left background. As is the style of illustrations in the late 1800s, there is plenty of black smoke coming out of the smokestack because black smoke was considered a sign of progress.…
Edward Peters The 1893 Colombian Exposition was a big deal in the day. It brought in people from all over the world. This was just 22 years after the Great Chicago Fire. 
The Wabash Railroad completed their connection to Chicago for the extra passenger traffic the fair produced.
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Are the buildings in the background of this 1897 photo from the exhibition.

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