Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hot Rod Locomotive

David Daruska -> Switching Locomotives
David's comment:
General Motors diesel-hydraulic switcher 600, a "GMDH-1", is seen here on trial on the Canadian Pacific Railway at St. Marys, Ontario in 1958. An experimental locomotive concept that never caught on, a total of four demonstrator GMDH-1 locomotives were built at GMD's London ON plant in the mid to late 50's, equipped with two large truck-sized diesel engines mated to a pair of hydraulic transmissions. GM's automotive department no doubt had a hand in the carbody styling.
You can tell that GM was primarily a car/truck/bus manufacture. A demo trying to sell truck mechanics and car styling. I remember that the late 50s was the era of big fins on GM automobiles.

1959 Chevrolet, public domain

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