Wednesday, December 30, 2015

EVWR: Evansville & Western Railway Overview

System Map with Coal Facilities and Grain Elevators selected
CSX sold the Evansville to (almost) St. Louis route of the old Louisville and Nashville to Evansville Western Railway (EVWR). From their map we can see that it serves three sources of coal and the Mt. Vernon Transfer Terminal, a consumer of coal. Their business is growing well enough that they are not keeping the map up to date. I see from a satellite image that they serve another transloading facility, a coal power plant, and an ethanol plant with a new spur they built south towards the Ohio River west of Evansville.

They allow the grain elevators along their route to pay a premium price to the farmers by consolidating cuts as small as 15-cars into 65-car trains for delivery to CSX in Evansville, which then hauls them to large chicken feeding operations in the Southeast. There are also other ethanol plants built or planned along the line. (csx-sucks, you may have to search for "Evansville Western on Right Track")

Update: 9 photos by Bart Hileman. I include a couple from Mt. Vernon, IN in case there is an issue accessing a closed group.

A Bart Hileman photo
A Bart Hileman photo
Tom Barrows posted two photos with the comment:
A couple of shots from back in 2010 when the EVWR would load at Alliance in Princeton. The sound of those SD's growling up the hill out of Evansville towards Belknap with a full load and some helpers was amazing!!!



Richard Roberts posted photos of two trains working in Mt. Vernon.

Dalton Flowers posted the question: "How does the EVWR operate?"
James Coleman Hope this helps, or isn't rhetorical, but I believe EVWR operates the line/owns the line west between Evansville, IN and Mt. Vernon, IL , and they service various industries inbetween. I know they unload coal at the Port of Indiana in Mt. Vernon, IN, service Abegoa in West Franklin, IN with tank cars of ethanol and hoppers, Sabic in Mt. Vernon, IN, and various mines (that aren't closed) in Illinois. They also have a MVL that runs daily that interchanges with CSX at Howell Yard in Evansville and takes cars back west. I'm unsure where the local originates and goes after leaving Howell Yard. That's all I know. Hope it helps/answers your question and or isn't rhetorical in what you already know.

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