Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Wabash Railroad

I know that the Wabash RR was owned by Jay Gould. I do not like Jay Gould, so I may never dig into the history of this railroad. But this map excerpted from an ink blotter can serve as a good reference in case I never dig deeper.

(Update: 1946 signalling technology)

James Holzmeier -> Follow the Flag Wabash Railroad
Lance Erickson -> Follow the Flag Wabash Railroad
Update: Neither one shows the spur to Stroh, IN. They used to mine raw materials for making cement north of that town, so the spur was more important than the little town itself would imply.

Nor does it show the 1889 merger shown below that got it to Pittsburgh.

William A. Shaffer posted
Wabash Conductor's Cash Fare Receipts
(Collection of William A. Shaffer)
Larry LeCrone Looks like Paul Resler was the conductor that trip.
William A. Shaffer Yes, I had him on several trips. He and I did not get along very well. He threatened to put me off the train at Litchfield going north one time. He purposely overcharged me and when I called his attention to the "mistake" he told me he was not going to cheat the railroad! He also told me that he and the railroad didn't want "us passengers" on the trains and that passenger trains were a burden on the N&W. The argument was on the point of becoming physical when he lunged toward me and I put up my fists. The porter grabbed me and Resler said he could put me off the train. I reminded him that I would be ten minutes behind him because I would get on the "Blue Bird" and catch up with him in Decatur, where I intended to go speak with the Superintendent, if he was available. He decided to stay away from me. I sent a letter to Passenger Services about the incident and about two weeks later got a letter from the Superintendent and a letter from Resler with change attached to it! He was the only "Foul Ball" Conducter I ever had on the N&W.

Digitally Zoomed

[This web site has a good history of the railroad.]

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