Friday, December 1, 2017

ISRR: Indiana Southern Railroad

Indiana Southern was acquired by Genesee & Wyoming in 2012. It has 166 track miles that can carry today's standard of 286k pound cars.

Mark Hinsdale posted
Twenty years ago last month, a southbound Indiana Southern Railroad crew blocks busy US 41 as it brings interchange traffic to CSX at Wansford Yard in the far northern part of Evansville IN. ISRR, operating mostly the former Pennsylvania Railroad line from Indianapolis southwestward toward Vincennes. and ultimately on to this point near Evansville, was first a RailTex property, then, through merger became a Rail America road, and finally, found itself part of the Genesee & Wyoming stable of short lines. October, 1997 photo by Mark Hinsdale
The segment from Evansville to Elnora was the Big Four in 1928. Before Big Four acquired it, it was the Evansville, Indianapolis & Terre Haute (EITH) subsidiary of the Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C&EI). The trackage rights between Elnora and Beehunter is over the CP/Milwaukee/CTH&SE. The segment from Beehunter to Indianapolis was Pennsy.


Interactive Map link on INRR
According to their interactive map, things are a little more complicated north of Elnora. First of all, Beehunter is not even on this map. That is because there is not much of a town at that junction. The diamond has been removed because the Pennsy track no longer goes through this junction. But both CP and ISRR share the former Pennsy segment to the southwest. The segment through Newberry and Plummer was ISRR, but the 2005 SPV Map shows ISRR abandoned it. Satellite images agree that the interactive map is wrong. I see no tracks northeast of Elnora. It makes sense that with trackage rights over the CP, they no longer need the Big Four segment through Plummer to connect to the Pennsy route. It saves the cost of maintaining a bridge over the White River.

The trackage rights between Lynnville and Yankeetown is on track that did not even exist in 1928. The segment between Lynnville and the NS/Sou interchange is the PCCX (Peabody Coal Company). ISRR shares trackage rights over the PCCX with NS (Norfolk Southern) and SCS (Squaw Creek Coal - "Squaw Creek Southern"). The segment between the NS/Sou junction and Yankeetown is YDC (Yankeetown Dock Corp.), which is jointly owned by PCCX and AMAX (AMAX Mining). Near Yankeetown is the Alcoa Warrick Operations.

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