Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dynamic Installations' Dynamic Heavy Lift's Dynamic Beast

I first learned of this 900-ton, barge-mounted Manitowoc M-1200 ringer when it installed three major pieces of a new bridge during Dec 8-10, 2017.

I found some specifications on linkdin.

From what I can piece together from various references: Dynamic Heavy Lift is the name of a Dynamic Installations "entity," and the name of the barge that Dynamic Heavy Lift created is Dynamic Beast.

Trever Skinner posted four photos with the comment: "Dynamic beast lifting some 300t mods."
Ben StalveyGroup Admin Awesome sweet M1200R great pictures



Bob Miller posted six photos with the comment:
The build and testing is finally complete. The "Dynamic Beast" is up and running. 900 ton capacity complete with an automated internal ballast system in the barge.







Safe_image from Bill Pohlmann post for Heavy Lift --- Dynamic 
Ben Stalvey commented on Bill's post
Bill Pohlmann That's a beast. How many of those are out there?
Ben Stalvey Bill Pohlmann believe it was 4 or 5.
Bob Miller Here is a pic. In this pic the M1200 have 275’ of boom and the assist 4100 has 200’. That is pretty much the standard setup.
Kerry Cameron Bob Miller you still up north with that beast?
Bob Miller It is still pile driving up in Kitimat. Getting fairly close to the end of the pile tho.

Dynamic Heavy Lift for Johnston St. Bridge

Emergency Response Crane Removal

Pre-cast Pile Cap Installation

Alliance Grain Terminal ship loader
I saved the satellite image because it appears that it still has the old ship loader that The Beast help remove.
3D Satellite
Stormtrooper, Mar 2020
The previous loader that is still in the satellite image.
Emman Valdez, Oct 2017

Transporting two new 400t tugs

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