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Johnston Street Bridges over Upper Harbor in Victoria, BC

(see below for satellite)

An old Strauss trunion bridge is being replaced by a new design.

Herb Neufeld, License: cc-by-2.0

More than 50 per cent of the new bridge will accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. In addition to maintaining three lanes for vehicles, the new bridge will include on-road bike lanes, a multi-use trail for pedestrians and cyclists, and a dedicated pedestrian pathway.
The new bridge will be the largest single-leaf bascule bridge in Canada – and one of the largest in the world (just less than 46m).

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Blake Bix Smith commented on Shane's posting

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[They closed the current bridge for extended periods Dec 8-10 while this crane installed the counterweight and rings that are part of the lifting mechanism.]

The bridge is already behind, and the Mayor, Lisa Helps, has no confidence in the contractor's (PCL) new estimate of March, 2018. An estimated cost of $63m is now up to $105m. Note the following is from an article that was written last June.
“Just putting this structure together has taken PCL a lot longer than they anticipated, and that’s been the delay.”
Huggett [the city’s project director] said none of the steel will be accepted for delivery by the city unless it is deemed to be exactly as ordered. There are concerns with some of the steel pieces that have been completed showing signs of corrosion, he said. “We’re not going to accept substandard work.”
Helps said there are critical dates coming up for transport of the bridge’s steel components.
She said the shipping will be done in two portions, with the first set to begin the trip to Canada on July 20.
[TimesColonist, 2017 Jun 15]

A swing bridge was built in 1888, but it could only handle trains and pedestrians. And the pedestrians had to walk in the track area. In 1924 the swing bridge was replaced by two Strauss trunnion bridges --- one dedicated to the railroad and the other for public use.

Johnson Street Bridge under construction (1921-1923), (City of Victoria Archives M00343)
It was painted blue in 1979.

Johnson Street Bridge 2011
The railroad, and its bridge, is gone. The new bridge will provide much more space for pedestrians and bikes.
"set to open in 2017"
David Scott posted two photos with the comment: "This bascule bridge has just been replaced in Victoria BC. The old one has been removed. The new one is foot and vehicle traffic only."


A page of several "then and now" construction photos.

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