Monday, December 4, 2017

NS/N&W 1892,1913 Bridge over Ohio River at Kenova, WV

(Bridge Hunter, Historic Bridges3D Satellite)

This bridge is part of Norfolk Southern's Heartland Corridor --- their main intermodal route from the East Coast to the Midwest.

Norfolk Southern Corp posted three photos with the comment:
125 years ago today, the first Ohio River Bridge was completed, connecting South Point, Ohio, and Kenova, West Virginia. The bridge was designed with a single track by Norfolk and Western’s chief engineer, W. W. Coe, but was constructed with piers wide enough to accommodate future double-track.
The bridge had four 300 foot spans and one 521 foot span. The Railroad Gazette praised the structure as “excellent in both design and construction.” Edgemoor Bridge Works designed and built the superstructure. The first two photographs from July 1891 show workers on top of the massive piers, and the bridge under construction. The third photo was taken in October of this year.
The bridge was rebuilt in 1913 with double track to accommodate increased traffic. Today, it carries essential freight rail traffic, supports economic development, and serves as a vital link in the nation’s freight rail #transportation infrastructure.
To learn more about Norfolk Southern’s bridges, check out the fact sheet on our website: & Western Historical Society




Dennis Shafer posted
Norfolk Southern's, ex-Norfolk & Western, massive Ohio River Bridge between Kenova, West Virginia and South Point, Ohio.
Darion Fox That’s the first bridge N&W put Over the Ohio River over 100 years ago.
Dennis Shafer Darion Fox And a complete realignment of the mainline.

1892 Bridge    ASCE, page 6 of .pdf
1913 Bridge    ASCE, page 6 of .pdf
The new trusses were built around the old trusses so that train traffic was not interupted.

New portal around the old portal    ASCE, page 60 of .pdf
The end spans used falsework. The second spans were cantilivered from the end span. The center span was cantilivered from the second spans and closed in the middle.    ASCE, page 64 of .pdf
Kenova during flood    ASCE, page 72 of .pdf

Thomas Joseph Cummings posted two photos with the comment: "Trestle bridge over the Ohio River at Kenova, W. Va."


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