Saturday, December 2, 2017

IR+ICE/CB&Q+Milw Bridge over Kishwaukee River near New Milford, IL

(Bridge Hunter3D Satellite)

Wayne DeMunn posted
The old CB&Q bridge over the Kishwaukee River in New Milford in about the center of the image, with the Gary Line bridge supports in the distance. From the Gary Line Northwest of Kirkland album.

When I studied why a Milwuakee Road caboose was parked by the tracks in Rochelle, IL, I learned that Milwaukee joined the CB&Q tracks south of Rochelle and shared a route through the town and then shared a branch north of town that went up to Rockford. This branch is one of the CB&Q branches that BNSF sold to Illinois Railways.

This branch continues north to their Rockford Yard.

A close up of the piers for the abandoned Gary Line bridge.
Brian Keith Landis posted
C.M.&G.R.R Concrete Bridge Supports is all that remains for the bridge that crossed the Kishwaukee River near New Milford Illinois, New Milford is South of Rockford Illinois, Brian Landis Photo
The the left of this picture is the C.B&Q.R.R/ Milwaukee Road Bridge.

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