Friday, December 8, 2017

MoW: Side Dump Cars

Screenshot @ -0:40
Mark Gillins posted
Building up the river banks.
Sam L'Huillier worked rip rap job with Jordan spreader a lotFrank Irvine Six Man Gang ? .... Doing the work of a Two Man Gang .... Gotta Love The Railroad .Mark Gillins yea trainman there in green, mtm pulled this car so i could film it, couple men dumped the rest.Joe Kveton It's ok when you are dumping only a few cars but when you have 30 cars or more it takes forever to build up the air.Sam L'Huillier need more Air , always,30 dumps and a air operated Spreader ,, takes a while.
Robert Ramsay posted four photos with the comment: "Thanks to BNSF who put on a great show this afternoon along the seafront promenade in White Rock, BC. They were dumping riprap alongside the rail grade. Was good to see it close-up."
Andy Tubbs Nice photos showing the process. White Rock area took a beating with winter storms this year. And yes, BNSF runs on the shore through White Rock, B.C.
Robert Ramsay Are the cars dumped by compressed air? They seemed to take their time tilting. From my vantage point I couldn't see how far away the workers were from the track - I was concerned they might have a boulder come down on their feet or worse, on their whole self and crush them. Guess they knew what they were doing as I didn't hear any cries of pain.
Mark Gillings Yes, on the air. Most of BNSF's side dumps have been upgraded with Georgetown Rail's HydraDump system. The air drives the hydraulic system which dumps the car.




I wonder if a dump train can handle rock that is this big.

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