Thursday, December 21, 2017

Kosciuszko Bridges between Brooklyn and Queens over Newtown Creek

(Bridge Hunter Old3D Satellite)
A truss bridge is being replaced with cable-stay bridges.

(Update: RoadTraffic-Technology article)

Jim Henderson released the photo to the Public Domain (source)
A new eastbound bridge cable-stay bridge was completed in 2017. It will carry traffic in both directions until the westbound bridge is completed in 2020.

New and Old Bridges by Jim Henderson    License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)
The reason you see two towers in the rendering is that there will be two bridges, one for each direction of traffic.
To quickly make room for the construction of the westbound bridge, the 125' center truss was lowered to barges on 2017 Jul 25 and the remainder of the bridge was brought down with explosives ("energetic felling") on 2017 Oct 01. I looked at several of the demo videos. I think these have the best "bang for the buck" (pun intended). There were still several videos that I did not look at.

(new window) At timestamp 1:00, I noticed they built piles of rock to provide a "soft landing" for the trusses.

(new window) This starts with the how they lowered the center span. The energetic felling begins at timestamp 4:29.

(new window)   If you wait a little after the explosion, they start moving around and do show some interesting views.

(new window)  (source)

John Scarpulla posted
4 years ago today, October 1, 2017, a section of the old Kosciusko Bridge was imploded and rests on the protected tracks. 12x12 lumber and bluestone was used as a cushion to protect the rails.
Jon Verzella: its been 4 yrs already? Wow. I was also there that morning to see the energetic felling. Was also there when the main span was floated out.
[Someone else has learned the euphemism of "energetic felling" for "controlled demolition," which is a euphemism for "blowing up."]

I learned of this new bridge from Austin Tuck's posting of photos with the comment: "Big holin’ in the big city!!!!"
Casey Siekierka How deep?
Austin Tuck 190’
Casey Siekierka Nice is it for a building?
Austin Tuck New foundations for the Kosciusko bridge, Queens NYC
I'm surprised they had to go down 190' in New York to hit bedrock. I guess not all of New York is built on the base of an ancient mountain. I think 190' would be considered deep even in Chicago where it is expected to have to go deep for bedrock since it was built on a swamp and the lake bed of the ice age Lake Chicago


3D Satellite
Saving this satellite image since it will be disappearing
Robert LaCapell posted photos of building a tower crane here that was moved here when it was done with the Tappan Zee project.



Austin Tuck posted
It opened Aug 29, 2019 four years ahead of schedule and within budget! "In April 2017, traffic was shifted onto the new Queens-bound bridge and the existing bridge was removed to complete Phase 1 of the project." [RoadsBridges]

3D Satellite accessed Nov 2020

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