Sunday, April 9, 2017

Harvey Crossing: IC over GTW

Harvey Junction is just to the west of this crossing.

Steven J. Brown posted two photos with the comment:
Before and after, same spot - 39 years apart.
Canadian National ET44AC taking a left from the former Grand Trunk to the former Illinois Central at Harvey, Illinois - February 25, 2017 and 39 years before; Grand Trunk action on August 10, 1978. 
[The CN engines are on the northeast connector that will climb up to the CN/IC mainline.]


The building in the background has a shorter smokestack and a different paint job 39 years later. And I'm sure there used to be some industrial leads along the south side of the Voss Equipment plant. Judging from Historical Aerials, the industrial siding was removed between 1974 and 1988.

3D Satellite
William Shapotkin posted
We are in Harvey, IL in 1941. This view, looking east along approx 156th St shows the three railroads in town. On the embankment (foreground) is the IC (their Harvey psgr station can be seen to left), followed by (distant) the B&OCT and (far distant) the GTW. (From the facebook page "I'm From Harvey, IL.")
[So this crossing would be out-of-frame to the left.]
Bob Lalich Among the factories seen here was Whiting Corp, makers of overhead cranes, widely used in steel mills.

Jacob Diorio posted
CSX 4307 heads west under the IC at Harvey with Y126, about to get on the Chicago Heights Sub at CJ. 4307 is a rare bird, being an ex-RDG GP39-2. 2/11/21
The cars on this train were supposed to go to LB Steel in Harvey and Quality Metals in Dixmoor but all the switches were completely snowed over.
What was the octagon tower in the background?
Jacob Diorio: Dennis DeBruler used to be a grain elevator served by the IC. Not too much is known about it but nowadays it’s nicknamed the “Hobo Castle”

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