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1959+2016 I-90 (Innerbelt Bridge) over Cuyahoga River Valley in Cleveland, OH

(no Bridge Hunter for the 2013 bridge, 1959 Bridge Hunter, Historic BridgesSatellite)

It was called the Innerbelt Bridge, but it is now called the George V. Voinovich Bridge.

When the I-90 bridge opened to traffic on August 15, 1959, it was the widest bridge in Ohio with four lanes in each direction. It was a deck truss arch bridge. [cleveland.com1] It was recently replaced by two deck delta-girder bridges. Each new bridge has five lanes and a shoulder. Both bridges were open to traffic in September, 2016. The bridge is 136 feet over the river. [ODOT-FAQ]

Street View, Jun 2011
Bridges Now and Then posted
Workers on Cleveland's Inner Belt Bridge, April 13, 1984. (Andrew Cifranic/The Plain Dealer)
Dennis DeBruler: Or I-90 for those of us who live in a different state. It was replaced in 2016.,-81.6834248,637a,35y,270h,39.24t/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu

First, they built a new westbound bridge...
From Google Map, Ohio DOT link is broken.
...and then they removed the old bridge so that they could build the eastbound bridge.

While the second bridge is being built, 8 lanes of traffic are being squeezed down to 6 lanes with no shoulder.
I don't know if the number of lanes in each direction was changed depending on the time of day or if they always had four lanes going west and two going east.

Once again, I can get an older image from the birds-eye view, that still shows the 1959 bridge.
Birds-Eye View

This bridge was one of the projects that Upstate Detailing worked on and they posted three photos:


An august 3, 2015 posting, this web page has other photos
[The piers are built and the deltas are started. Note the temporary top cords to use one span to balance the other until the spans are completed.]
They changed the lighting to red and green for Christmas, Cleveland Innerbelt Facebook Page.

ODOT Overview

Roger Smith posted
Mark W. Barker was unloading at Lafarge on the Cuyahoga River on a spectacular mid-November [2023] day in Cleveland.
Craig Zupan: It’s not Lafarge anymore. It’s called Holcin.
Dennis DeBruler: Also, nice views of the Hope Memorial and I-90 [right] bridges.

ceacisp, there are some construction photos on this page. Some include the old bridge in the background.
[They used a barge-mounted crane to build the span over the river. In Chicago, they sometimes use a barge-mounted crane to build buildings.]

Fred Bultman posted
A new restoration of a favorite image, Lasalle outbound in the Cuyahoga, with the Innerbelt under construction behind her, sometime in the mid 1950s.
Steve Rowan shared
[Hope Memorial is in the background, I-90 is being constructed, NS/NKP is the railroad viaduct and Big Four has the railroad service at the ground level.]

Bill Kloss posted
Elephant style across the Nickel Plate trestle and under the I-90 Innerbelt bridge in Cleveland. 9/14/2018
Thomas Wentzel shared

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