Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gleaner K and G Combines and other old equipment

When I was on my way to take pictures of a railroad water tank, I saw an old Gleaner combine parked by the road. I was running out of light so I had to make a choice of taking pictures of this combine or the water tank. The water tank is close to I-57 so I can easily do it on another trip. So when I got to the next farm, I turned around and came back to this farm. I walked around it to take shots at all angles because I don't see too many old Gleaners, even at farm shows.

Address information is at the bottom.

20170316 8107

Roger Schmidt posted eight photos with the comment:
My 68 year old neighbor Bruce was finishing up his last field of wheat. He is running a 51 year old Gleaner "G" Diesel. He has harvested about 45 wheat crops with it. I stopped to talk as he was unloading. He doesn't have anyone to take pictures of him harvesting. He asked if I would take a couple of pictures of him cutting wheat.
West of Winfield Ks. 6-26-2020








The equipment in the background appears to be cultivators.

There was also a John Deere 4-row corn planter parked by the road.

And the silo on the farm was also interesting because it is an old tile silo.

The Gleaner K was explicitly for sale. I assume the other equipment is for sale as well. So I noted that the address on the mailbox is 1377. Google indicates it is on Co Rd 7, Farina, IL. A street sign indicates it is on 2100 E.

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