Wednesday, April 5, 2017

UP/C&EI Concrete Girder Bridge over Wolf Creek and County Road 300 E

(no Bridge Hunter, Satellite)
After seeing a covered wood bridge, my GPS routed me over some country roads to get me to my next intended target, a railroad water tank. On the way there I saw this.

20170316 8086
I stopped on the other side and got out to take more pictures because this is the oldest concrete girder bridge of some significance that I remember seeing. Furthermore, this is a good example of concrete bents.


It doesn't show up in very well in the photos, but as I was walking around I noticed the first bent that doesn't have a lot of graffiti on it has settled a little because the span it supports is slightly tilted.

Cropped from 8088
Normally, the gaps between the spans are small and even.

Cropped from 8088, at camera resolution

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