Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Big Anchor Chains

John Abbott posted
Pamela Weiss That looks like carrier anchor chain....each link is 650 pounds....anchor on a carrier is around 30 tons....the windlass motors are 350 hp each...when they knock the chain blocks loose to drop the anchor you cannot be in the windlass room...all the paint on the chain....comes off like a sand blaster...would tear a person to shreads.....chain can reach 70 mph if I remember correctly
Jerome Clements Youtube has some videos of dropping anchor on big ship when things go bad. Scary
Pamela Weiss When they let it go you can hear it all the way on the fantail
Anthony Garner Ive seen alot of anchor chains and that one looks like a boatswains mates dream . Either brand spanking new or one helluva ships bosum crew .
Sam Bowden Yup but our kind wouldn't have dumped into a pile! We always laid it out nice and pretty like.

Note the two steel ropes to the left of the man. That is probably what the crane uses to lift the chain.

It's hard to imagine what kind of machines are used to make those chains. Including the initial "rod" material that is a few inches in diameter.

Skip to a little before 2:00. Then after 2:50, skip to 5:12. I noticed everybody is wearing a hard hat except for the guy that looks like he is the boss of the exercise. Maybe "think headed" managers are excluded from the hard-hat rule. I imagine the chain is just allowed to pile up below deck. I doubt there is a windlass below deck.

Skip to 4:20. Evidently the white segments mark "shots."

Can't they use sonar to determine the depth of the seafloor and realize that there is no point in dropping the anchor in the first place? The depth of the seafloor is obviously more than the length of the chain. I wonder how much deeper it is because that is the depth the salvage team is going to have to work in.

Somebody scrubbed the "lost chain" video from the Google search results:

Aircraft Carrier Anchor Drop – Forecastle Anchor Room - YouTube
Apr 4, 2017 - Uploaded by demenzio colognoli
US Navy Ship loses anchor and chain - Duration: 6:31. BoatsYoda 2,552,237 views · 6:31 · Aircraft Carrier ...

I came across the real video after watching the first video because You Tube offered it in the sidebar on the right. (If you right-click a video frame "Copy video URL" to your clipboard. Then open a new browser tab and paste (cntrl-V) into the browser's location field. This lets you watch the video full frame.)

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