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1886 and 1912 Kentucky & Indiana Bridges over Ohio River at Louisville, KY

(Bridge Hunter, Bridge Hunter Old, no Historic Bridges, 3D Satellite, Srteet View (with coil cars))

1886 Bridge, Public Domain, from Bridge Hunter Old

Pete Zimmerman posted
The Ohio River circa 1906. Canal locks at Louisville, Kentucky. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.
(unknown photographer)
[Note the 1866 bridge in the background.]

1912 Bridge, Public Domain, from Bridge Hunter
Probably built by Kentucky & Indiana Bridge & Railroad and Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Railroad. B&O went to it from the east on the Indiana side to connect to other railroads. Southern used it to cross the river between Kentucky to its route to St. Louis. Monon went to it from the north on the Indiana side to connect to other railroads. Canadian Pacific also has rights because it bought the Milwaukee Road, which was given trackage rights over the Monon route to Louisville as a concession, if I remember correctly, for the BN merger of NP and GN. (Milwaukee Road once had the longest route in USA from the Northwest Pacific to Louisville, KY. But the management did not properly pursue using their railroad assets.)

USACE, p270

3D Satellite
Note that the swing span is on the north side of the river, but the current shipping channel is on the south side of the river. Bridge Hunter indicates the span was opened just twice. I wonder where the shipping channel was back when the river still had its wicket dams in this area. The span was locked down in 1955 because there is a 100-foot clearance above the pool level, and it is on the wrong side of the river for today's river traffic. Was it used because of smokestacks on steamboats during high river flows? About 50 feet of clearance is plenty for modern towboats and barge loads. (Update: the shipping canal was the Indiana/Indian Chute, and it was used until the McAlpine Dam replaced Dam #41 in the early 1960s. [DeBruler])

Carl Venzke posted
The Kentucky & Indiana Bridge approach, New Albany, Indiana, early 1900's.

Walter Carothers
Sol E. Williams
All types of K&I related pics in this group if youd like to see and contribute.
J.B. Rail Photog shared

Interactive CSX System Map
I have seen contemporary photos of CSX doing street running in New Albany, IN. Most of it is on 15th Street. But the bridge approach still launches from Main Street on Vincennes Street. According to the 2005 SPV Map, CSX and CP still use the L&N/Monon route between Bedford, IN and this bridge. The CSX interactive map does show that it still operates that Monon remnant.

Robert Brummett posted
A train passes over the Ohio River using the old K&I (Kentucky and Indiana) RR bridge in New Albany. Photo by John Dattilo

Bill Stroud posted
Original K&I RR Bridge Late 1890s
Bill Stroud K&ITRR Photo
Bill Stroud posted
The building of the New K&IT RR bridge from New Albany note the original behind it. 1910-1912 photo c/o Bob Lawson.
Bill Stroud posted
Horses & Wagon just crossed the original K&ITRR birdge in New Albany c1910-1912. Photo from K&ITRR c/o Bob Lawson.
Bill Stroud posted
Steam Shovel at work on the K&IT RR bridge c.1910-1912. I wonder if it is on the Indiana side or Kentucky side? Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel comes to mind in this picture. No Seam Shovels Wanted... Is it a Marion shovel or a Bucyrus? photo c/o Bob Lawson K&IT RR
Bill Stroud posted two photos with the comment: "The original K&IT RR Bridge that opened in 1886. These photos were taken around 1910-1912"
James Deeds Who else besides me is old enough to remember driving across this bridge?
Bill Stroud You did not drive over this bridge it was replaced with the current K&IT RR bridge in 1912.


Bill Stroud posted three photos with the comment: "Photos of the old K&IT RR bridge finished in 1886 being dismantled after the new bridge had replaced it, pictures circa 1912. All photos are c/o Bob Lawson."
Bill Stroud The bridge that stands today is the second K&IT RR Bridge. Similarly the Pennsylvania 14th street bridge, and the big four bridge are in their second life they were rebuilt to handle larger locomotives, freight, and increased volume.
David Palmer What river is it going over?
Bill Stroud Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Railroad Bridge crosses the Ohio river between New Albany Indiana and Louisville (Portland) Kentucky.
Monon, B&O, and Southern Railway used and owned the K&IT RR bridge. There were 4 different RR depots in New Albany and an interurban depot (Daisy Depot).



Forgotten Railways, Roads & Places posted,  William Alden, 2006, Wikipedia Commons.
The Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Bridge connects Louisville, KY with New Albany, IN, crossing the Ohio River. The bridge was first proposed in 1881 as a multimodal project, which would allow for railroad, streetcar, vehicle, and pedestrians to cross the river.
"The bridge was built from 1883 to 1886 by the Kentucky and Indiana Bridge Company. K&I also operated the “Daisy Line,” a steam commuter train service, which ran from downtown Louisville along the Portland Canal and across the bridge to New Albany. The line was electrified in 1893, and was notably the first steam to electric conversion in the United States. It was acquired by its three user railroads (B&O, Monon, and Southern) by 1900 and the name changed to “Kentucky & Indiana Bridge and Railroad Company”. In 1907, the K&I Bridge and Railroad Company, including the “Daisy Line” service, was sold to the Louisville & Northern Railway and Light Co. and retired from the commuter rail business. Early the following year, the commuter line and its stations were abandoned in support of streetcar tracks, which became part of the Louisville trolley service. However, the last streetcar crossed the K&I Bridge in 1948." (Cahal 2010; Castner 2001)
A dump truck accident in 1979 would close the bridge off to automobile traffic, making it strictly a railroad bridge. Today, the bridge remains a vital railroad bridge, with proposals to reopen the bridge for pedestrian traffic as well. Norfolk Southern, the owner of the bridge today, opposes the proposal, citing increased liability concerns.
Image: William Alden, 2006, Wikipedia Commons.

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Tommy Graham The round column is the main support for the swing span - flat topped truss, don't know what the wall would be...
Steve Barker I think that might be a barge up against the columns. It’s not on google earth. If it’s apart of the bridge I would gate to think of the pressure of the water pushing on it in a flood.
Dennis DeBruler Now that you mention it, it does look like we are seeing the bottom of a barge that is on its side.

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07/12/2021 - NS 224 crosses the K&IT Terminal Bridge back to Louisville, KY, to the NS Youngtown Yard to hook back up to their train passing up NS 167 as the tail end is still on the bridge.

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J.B. Rail Photog posted
07/28/2021 - NS 125 with the 8102 Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) ES44AC Norfolk Southern Heritage Unit approaches the K&IT Bridge at New Albany, IN, crossing the Ohio River.
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1 of 16 photos posted by J.B. Rail Photog
Here are several angles of the K&IT railroad bridge in Louisville, KY.  Today owned by the Norfolk Southern Corp.
Dennis DeBruler: You also caught an upbound tow entering the McAlpine Lock.
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J.B. Rail Photog shared
J.B. Rail Photog shared

(new window) Coverage of train traffic for this bridge starts at 9:17. He is on the Kentucky side of the bridge. He starts describing the bridge at 18:18.The first part of this video is of the Louisville & Indiana/Pennsy (14th Street) Bridge. It is about 100' above the river.

The swing span was permanently locked down in 1955.

A video of 1950s trains in New Albany, IN. There was a concentration of trains because four railroads converged to use this bridge.

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