Wednesday, April 12, 2017

FEC 1925 Bridge over St. Johns River in Jacksonville, FL

(Bridge Hunter, Historic BridgesE.W. Wall, Flickr daylight, Flickr nighttime)

FEC is the Florida East Coast. This is the railroad that used to connect the islands all the way to Key West.

3D Satellite
Birds Eye View to show it open
Photo, Cleveland State University Library Photograph Collection from Bridge Hunter

Dale V Rockwll posted
BNSF power on NS train crossing FEC's St.Johns River bridge with interchange, coming off CSX trackage! Got it?

Dale V Rockwell posted
NS train 209 (Atlanta-Jacksonville-FEC Miami) crossing the Florida East Coast Ry's St. John's river bridge with a mix of power on 2/8/17. BNSF power is often seen on this high priority train.
Cheryl Day love that loco power true Santa Fe and then you look over to the left, there is CSX quarters...

Gordon Davis IV posted
Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge over the St John's River in Jacksonville, FL.
Top...Bridge raised for boat traffic
Bottom...Bridge lowered for rail traffic
[The comments contain a video of it going down and another video of two locos travelling light across it.]

Dale V Rockwell commented on his post
It has two tracks and it "was the heaviest yet built for a Strauss Bascule at the time of construction. He also remarks that the bridge is unusual in using Pratt trusses rather than Warren trusses. The design of the counterweights is not one of the four Mallery mentions, being a pair of thin weights which fit inside the tower." [E.W. Wall from Paul Mallery's Bridge and Trestle Handbook]

A video of it going down. In the background you can hear a honking. Is that the train approaching this bridge? It struck me as a rather sick sounding horn.

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