Thursday, November 23, 2017

Covered Bridge Repairs

(Satellite, looks like the river is about 400' wide)
Patches Croteau shared
The Higby Road covered bridge at Ross Co., Ohio with its siding and roof partially removed and its Howe truss visible while undergoing repairs in 1893.
The Higby Road covered bridge (35-71-16) stood three miles west-northwest of Richmondale on CR 206 over the Scioto River on the Franklin-Jefferson Twp. line in Ross Co., Ohio. This four-span, Howe truss bridge was built in 1877, rebuilt in 1893, and stood until 1913.
Dan Fitzgerald I know of several covered bridges in Pennsylvania that were rebuilt to modern standards, with new concrete foundations (with artificial stonework and coloring) and steel beams to support the "new" covered wooden bridge. The bridges remained one lane bridges with traffic signals at both ends. I inspected several of these bridges back in the 90's and was project engineer on one for reconstruction. A good example of a reconstructed covered wooden bridge is Jack's Mountain Bridge near Gettysburg, PA (not my project-sorry).

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