Wednesday, November 15, 2017

WSOR/Milw Bridge over Rock River near Edgerton, WI

(Bridge Hunter, no historic bridges, Satellite)

The length of a post does not reflect how much time I spent on it. It took me a while to locate this bridge. But it is such a neat photo, I was motivated to find the location.

Jerry Jackson posted
This shot was taken by the late Jim Drennan. The location is "Crossing the Rock River" but the date and exact location are unknown to me. My collection. I'd asked on another 1003 post if this was the unit under shelter in Ladysmith? I saw it in 88' or so on a visit up there.
Dennis DeBruler When it is SOO, I always have to think about whether it would be the Wisconsin Central or the Milwaukee routes. But the Wisconsin Central does not go near the Rock River. So I started looking at Milwaukee crossings. All of the ones I found in Illinois are still truss bridges. Then I remembered that the Rock River goes up into Wisconsin. I believe it is the bridge near Edgerton:

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