Saturday, November 11, 2017


In addition to several Zenith plants, Chicago was home to another large electronics manufacture --- Philco. It also had a retail outlet.

Chad Brown posted five photos with the comment:
Long before the Apple store opened on North Michigan Ave, it was once home to a pair of the nation's (at the time) largest electronics manufacturers. Zenith & Philco. Once located at 643 North Michigan was the Philco Showroom. Known for its many iconic radios and television sets including the "Baby Grand" which was a wooden cathedral shaped radio, the Predicta television receiver set and the "Safari" portable tv. In 1949, Philco departed their showroom. Today Philco, depending on the regional market, is either owned by the Philips or Electrolux brands.
Deborah Corcoran They also made refrigerators. My parents had one when I was a child.
Michael Buenrostro Don't forget Philco was once a subsidiary of Ford motor co.
Raymond Zygmuntowicz Phillips is still big in medical equipment

I remember that Phillips acquired Magnovox as well, a company I worked for one summer in Fort Wayne, IN. At one time Philips and Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs + Western Electric after AT&T was broke up) created a joint venture to try to stay in the phone making business. During that period, I was able to buy Magnavox equipment at company store prices.






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