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CM&G Trestle over a valley in Peotone, IL

(no Bridge Hunter; Satellite, note the diagonal treeline over IL-50 and IC south of town)

Bill Molony posted
A Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary Railway [CM&G] mixed (freight and passenger) train on the trestle at Peotone - circa 1910.
Bill Molony The Milwaukee Road abandoned this line between Joliet and Delmar in 1978, and yes, the trestle is long gone.

Peter Zimmermann also posted
This was the wooden trestle on the Milwaukee Road line that ran from Delmart Junction[near Momence] to Rockford. The line/bridge was built in 1905 originally by the Illinois Iowa & Minnesota Railway company, in 1909 it was reorganized as the Chicago Milwaukee & Gary Railway and in 1930 was acquired fully by the Milwaukee Road. The picture here shows a mixed train in around 1910, westbound on the approach to the crossing of the Illinois Central main line.

The portion of the line this was on was abandoned on July 17th, 1978 [between Delmar & Joliet] and I was told the bridge burned down sometime not long after, suspected arson.

Bill Molony posted
A Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary Railway Company mixed train on the high timber trestle at Peotone, Illinois - 1910.

Bill Molony posted
A Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary Railway Company five-car mixed train crossing the trestle in Peotone, Illinois - 1910.
Rick Powell A bunch of pics of the Manhattan tower and a local MILW freight in the 70's here.

The Blackhawk Railway Historical Society posted
This is a post card picture of an Illinois, Iowa & Minnesota Railway Company mixed (freight and passenger) train on the trestle in Peotone, Illinois.
The II&M line from Rockford to Aurora and from Joliet to Delmar was built in 1904 and 1905..
The II&M secured trackage rights between Aurora and Joliet over the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway by a contract dated February 21, 1905.

Richard Fiedler commented on Bill's posting
Another view. Was quite long
On another posting of this picture, Richard had the comment:
CM&G (Milwaukee Road) trestle in Peotone IL. Was shortened and later replaced by a girder bridge I believe. Second view shows a "mixed" on the span. Long gone. The bridge spanned RT 50 and the Illinois Central tracks.

The town's boundary has been "distorted" to include the CM&G's right-of-way. Did they do this so that they could collect property tax when the Milwaukee route still existed?
1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
[Wilmington Road is across the top]

Dennis DeBruler commented on a share
An excerpt of the Abandoned RR Map maintained by AJ Grigg.

1968 Track Profile. p10
James Boudreaux posted
This is a pic of the Milw.Rd.(I.I.& M) line just south of Peotone. The left side girder bridge spans the ex I.C.(now CN) rails with the right side bridge spanning Rt. 50. To the left,(no.west),would be the Peotone depot & mini about a 1 mile distance.To the right,(sw.east),is the elevated ROW which still survives today. The bridges' wooden vertical timbers' stumps can still be seen along Rt. 50's west curb line.The pics' orientation shown is looking northward. Please disregard the mating cars at the bottom. Photographer unknown. (1967 or 1977 snowstorm?)

William Larsen I would say the photo is from the '67 snowstorm. That looks to be a 1963 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon. Also, old color photos from the '50's & '60's tend to yellow with age.
James Boudreaux I'll agree on the '67 snowstorm
James Boudreaux posted
To add to my earlier post and others...Peotone,1910...Bill Molony Collection
Jeff Kehoe Look closely, they've stuck a coach on the end from back when CM&G offered passenger service.
Paul Krueger commented on James' posting
Here is a version without the added color.

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