Saturday, November 18, 2017

St. Mary's Bridge in Fort Wayne, IN

(no Bridge Hunter, Satellite)

Kenneth Childers posted
10948. St. Mary's Bridge, Fort Wayne, Ind. no date
[This is the last bridge on the St Marys River before it joins the St. Joseph River and becomes the Maumee River.]
Some comments claim it is the NKP Bridge over St. Marys. But the truss design is not consistent with either the original truss or the current truss. Those are not railroad tracks, they are streetcar/interurban tracks. That would be the streetcar line that hauled beer from the Old Crown Brewery to the Nickle Plate.

I think this is the correct comment:
Nate Zweig This is the pre-1959 Spy Run bridge, and Hall's Gas House is the red brick building on the right.

The "Gas House" name made me wonder if this building used to house equipment to manufacture gas. I looked at a 1951 aerial photo, and the shadow shows a round structure that was in the parking lot was a gasometer. So gas was indeed manufactured in this area. (Update: Tom's History)

Posted from Kenneth Childers
[It is interesting to see the influence of scanning and post processing has on postcard images.]
The bridge was replaced by yet another slab of concrete. Fortunately, the Wells Street Bridge has been preserved.

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