Thursday, November 16, 2017

Trail/EJ&E+CM&G Bridge over Fox River in Aurora, IL

(Bridge Hunter, John Marvig3D Satellite, note it now carries the Virgil Gilman Trail built on the abandoned EJ&E+CM&G right-of-way.)

A Chris Schultz comment on a Jeff Wojciechowski posting (which includes three photos of this bridge):
EJ&E Aurora branch until a bit west of the underpass of 31, then it became the CG&M to Rockford. The CG&M was bought by the Milwaukee Road in the 1920s and abandoned west of Aurora in 1947. The EJ&E used this branch to serve a few customers in Aurora into the early 80s.
Milwaukee operation of EJ&E from Joliet to Aurora discontinued on August 27, 1949. [1968 Track Profile, p6]
Kevin Piper posted
The 304 has picked up two more cars after leaving Wolfs, and is crossing the Fox River as it arrives in Aurora on 10-2-65. LOUIS CERNY PHOTO/KEVIN PIPER COLLECTION
[The bank looks like it is lined with trees now. I don't know if I could get an elevation shot today.]
EJ&E Archive Website from Bridge Hunter

This raises the question of how/why did the EJ&E get here? Today's CN/EJ&E is east of here. It turns out, this is part of the route that Milwaukee/CM&G shared with EJ&E between Joliet and Aurora. Specifically, where the EJ&E now turns north, it used to also continue on a straight line along the north side of US-30. Then you can follow the treelines and curved parking lots to Hill Avenue. From there you can follow the Virgil Gilman Nature Trail to the bridge and further west.

Satellite plus Paint
Mike Griesmann posted
Came across this photo a while back. The EJ&E bridge across the Fox River in Aurora.
Photographer unknown.
Mike commented on his posting
 Quite a change.

Mike commented on his posting
Frank DeVries posted the comment: "Trivia time... We all know the bridge in Joliet was 198, the one at Devine is 552. What was the bridge number for the bridge in Aurora IL over the Fox River?"
Eric Berg Bridge 420, shared by CM&G.

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