Sunday, November 19, 2017

MoW: Roto Dump Rail Truck

Joe Dockrill posted
Ken Dyck CN has a few where the doc tilts either left or right and when they go over for the first time it looks pretty dicey.
Sean AngeloGroup Admin We got one on a Freightliner chassis, does damn well for what we need it for. Does look a little discomforting when the box is 90’ from the truck frame, but surprisingly doesn’t tip a whole lot, unless you got a messy load, like muddy debris. Had a driver neglect to put on rail grabbers and the truck did tip over. Thankfully the box caught it from going all the way over. Driver didn’t keep his job much longer after that.
Sean confirms that they do have something that grips the rails when they dump because as the load empties, the high side has no weight in the bed whereas the low side still does have weight in the bed. But the comment about the box being 90 feet from the truck frame surprised me. I looked at the photos that Google offered, and they all just rotate. I did not see anyway for the bed to get 90 feet from the frame. And if it could, I think the rail grips might pull the ties out of the ballast.

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