Friday, November 24, 2017

Aban/CGW crosses over CN/EJ&E and UP/C&NW

For the north/south routes, CN/EJ&E is on the right (east) side and the original UP/C&NW/G&CU Belvidere line to Freeport is on the left side. The Chicago Great Western was the east/west route that went over C&NW and EJ&E.
Satellite plus Paint
The interchange track between CGW and EJ&E still exists to serve an industry. Evidently the spur is still used because a couple of cars are sited at the building. This building was at the west end of Ingalton Yard.
Bill Latimer posted
Westbound 121 prepares to cross the bridges west of Ingalton Yard as it heads out to St. Charles. Too bad this wasn't taken at the actual bridge site. I Love this shot from a collection of Mark Llanuza I believe.
[On the right is the interchange track wtih the EJ&E. Note that it remains at grade level while the CGW train is climbing an embankment.]
John P. Kohlberg commented on Bill's posting
CNW (CGW) - EJE Interchange at Ingalton, October 1971.
A fixed version of a photo posted by Bill Latimer
We're west of Ingalton. The bridgework over the EJ&E and C&NW.
[Given the power lines, we are looking east and at a timecard westbound EJ&E train.]

Bill Latimer posted
Another view of the bridges west of Ingalton yard.

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