Thursday, November 2, 2017

CN/IC Bridge over Kaskaskia River at New Athens, IL

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges Birds-Eye View)
Steve Goaring shared his posting
East St. Louis - Coulterville local crossing the "old" Kaskaskia River bridge at New Athens, IL. February 1976 Steve Goaring photo.
John P. Kohlberg Hey, Steve Goaring, is this the same day/train when the "Oliver C. Joseph" was placed just ahead of the caboose?
Steve Goaring Why yes it is. I haven't scanned the rear shot I have yet. Robert Schramm was riding the car. Was suppose to be switched out at Belleville first but it was a facing point turnout so the crew took it all the way to Coulterville and back.
Curt Regensberger where is the new bridge south?
Steve Goaring North along side the old one when built.
Mike Sypult I know the IC purchased some Frisco GP7s in 1976 - if you look closely, there may be one in tow a couple cars back.
Steve Goaring That is the first KRPD (Kaskaskia Regional Port District) GP7 being delivered at Lenzburg. Painted in fresh FRISCO red/orange and white.
I don't understand the comments about old and new bridges. Looking at the Bridge Hunter photos shows that a lot of trees have grown between 1976 and now.

2004 Darren Snow Flickr Photo

I was surprised that ICG did not sell this branch during its 1980s fire sale of track routes. Then when I looked at the 2005 SPV Map, I saw quite a few coal mines along this route. The branch goes between DuQuoin, IL, on the mainline to St. Louis.

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