Tuesday, November 28, 2017

CA&E Yard in Wheaton, IL

Frank Smitty Schmidt posted
Aerial view of the CA&E yard in Wheaton, circa 1950.
Frank Hicks I'd say c1960, not 1950. The photo was taken after abandonment. The 450s are grouped in front of the shop where they could be easily viewed by potential buyers.
David Daruszka The shops were between present day Liberty, Childs, N. Gable and Carlton. I believe the phot view is Northwest.
Frank Smitty Schmidt commented on his posting
You can see it in this 1939 aerial.
This was actually east in Glen Ellyn. The view is looking West.
Frank Smitty Schmidt posted
Chicago Aurora & Elgin overtaking a Chicago & Northwestern train near Wheaton. Year unknown.
Jack Franklin Seeing as how the C&NW used steam engines in commuter service until 1956 and the CA&E used wooden cars till the end, this picture is literally timeless.
John Markl Noting that the CNW had only two tracks in this photo, this would have to go WAY back in time.... Also, while the CNW ran left-handed, the Roarin' Elgin did not....so the probably just passed each other in opposite directions....
Patrick McNamara commented on the above posting
...and here is the location of this shot...............

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