Thursday, November 16, 2017

Broadview Tower: ICwest over IHB

ICwest is my nickname for CN/IC/CC&P/ICG/IC/Chicago, Madison & Northern.

Flickr from John W. Barriger III IHB Album
The girder tops would be the bridge over Addison Creek, so we are looking north.

Jerry Jackson posted
Shot from the IC line crossing the IHB in Broadview/Westchester, IL. Early to mid-80's photo IIRC.
Brandon McShane It would have to be very early '80s as the FP45s were gone by mid-decade.
[The industry with a smokestack, tall water tower and office building has been replaced by Mullins Food Products. That facility was built with an industrial spur, on a steep ramp, going directly into one of their buildings. I wonder if the spur is still used.]
The overpass is rather long because IHB had four tracks running through here. The interchange track is on a ramp since the railroads are grade separated.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
Jerry Jackson commented on his posting
Same spot a little earlier in time by a couple years.

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