Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Metra+CP/Milwaukee 1881 Bridge over Fox River in Elgin, IL

(Bridge HunterSatellite, it is the RR bridge on the right)

20170121 7769
I caught an inbound Metra train over the river. But the Milwaukee bridge is hidden by the UP/C&NW bridge. See Bridge Hunter for plenty of photos the the Milwaukee bridge.

Street View, the RR bridge is in the foreground
[I spent some time looking at a satellite image for those smokestacks, but I could not find them.]

ProgressiveRailroading 9/14/2017, Photo - Metra
Each weekday, the bridge carries 54 Metra trains and up to eight Canadian Pacific freight trains.

ProgressiveRailroading Nov 2017, Photo – Mark Llanuza
The aging Fox River Bridge in Elgin, Illinois, is the only single-track segment on Metra’s Milwaukee West Line.
"Each weekday, 54 Metra trains and up to eight Canadian Pacific trains use the bridge. Built in 1881, the entire single-track structure will soon be replaced with a double-track one. In September, Metra awarded a $21.6 million contract to Illinois Construction Corp. to complete the replacement. The work will begin in the fourth quarter and take three years to complete."
Carl Venzke posted
Union Pacific Railroad E9 960 and E8B 949B heading westbound with Train Number 111, the City of Denver, at Elgin, Illinois on March 13, 1966, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler.
Jeff Lewis On the Milwaukee Road, shot from the adjacent Chicago & North Western bridge.
The UP switched the "Cities" from C&NW to Milwaukee about a decade earlier.]

Robby Gragg posted
A Ferromex GP38-2 leads the weed sprayer west through Elgin, IL on 6/8/19
Clayton Hartford Heard Ferromex might be looking for it's Engine.
Robby Gragg Knowing CP, it may be Christmas before its back on home rails!

Jose Arevalo posted  (source)
Out with the old bridge, in with the new.
Metra, Elgin IL.

Mark Llanuza posted
Its the year 1983 a Milwaukee Rd derailment at Elgin Raymond and some cars fell into the Fox River.
Tom Lampman: Engineer, Chris Kaepplinger, Paul Mills head brakemam and Al Wagner in the caboose. A dragging chain caught the switch points.
Steven Kakoczki: Fell??? They where pushed!!!
[The comments indicate the freight was probably doing the limit of 50 mph.]
Paul Moore shared

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