Saturday, November 4, 2017

C&EI Bridges over Grasshopper Creek near Buncombe, IL

No Bridge Hunter

p. 83, Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad In Color by Edward M. DeRouin shows a steel trestle that uses trusses instead of the normal girders between the towers. The satellite image indicates it has been rebuilt using concrete piers. I can't tell if the spans used concrete or steel girders.

From the caption for the bridge photo:
Between Nielson and West Vienna the single track C&EI granted the CB&Q trackage rights on June 1, 1910. This action gave the CB&Q a route to Paducah, Kentucky and a link to Dixie. The two roads sharing a common right-of-way through the hilly forests of this part of Illinois make sense....1970.
We have already seen a major trestle bridge  near Shelbyville, IL to help mediate the valleys of Southern Illinois.

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