Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Shipping Cars by Boat

Glen Miller posted
Glen's comment: "A barge full of brand new Plymouths and Dodges arrives in Chicago from Michigan in the late 30's."

A comment narrows the year to 1936 or 37. Another comment speculates this is on the Calumet River, with which I agree. Remember this is decades before auto-transport rail cars were invented. Driving them onto a ship deck had to be a lot easier than stuffing them into boxcars. A caption below says they are taking advantage of the otherwise empty deck on bulk carriers. The standard cargo for this boat would be in the cargo hold.
Richard M. Gaskill posted
July 26, 1949 Southeast Missourian
The towboat, Commercial Tennessean, stopped in Cape Girardeau overnight for engine repairs while on the way from Memphis to St. Louis with a loaded automobile carrier type barge. The barge, three decks high, was carrying 137 new Ford automobiles for delivery to St. Louis, from where they were to be distributed to the dealer trade. After repairs the tow was to proceed today. (G.D. Fronabarger photo, unpublished)

Andrew Weustoff shared
John Alaniva That's the equivalent of more than 9 tri-levels!

Tim O'Connor Automobiles were shipped on the Ohio River too. I have a paperback book "New Car Carriers 1910 to 1998" from Iconografix. There's some eye popping weird stuff in there!

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Here are some Model Ts being loaded on barges.There was a time when Fords were shipped from St. Paul Minnesota by barge on the Mississippi. A freight elevator brought them from the assembly floor to river level.
Bill Stuart They loaded on barge at Norfolk Ford plant at one time.
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 From the same book Tim O'Connor mentioned.

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