Thursday, June 22, 2017

Aban/Conrail/Big Four/P&E Wooden Trestle over Prairie Creek east of Tremont, IL

(SatelliteRoger's Street View)
P&E was the Peoria & Eastern.

Roger Holmes posted
I really was never a fan of the Penn Central although I do have a few photos in the archives. When I heard that the PC would become a part of Conrail I decided to add a few more photos to my collection before they were gone. I had seen a photo in a book taken by the late Paul Stringham of a Peoria & Eastern freight pulled by, I believe, a pair of steam locomotives, going across a nice wooden trestle just east of Tremont, Illinois. It was easy to find and one day soon after I caught a Pekin bound freight crossing it in the late afternoon sunlight. As I was cleaning up the half century old transparency a thought entered my mind concerning the fact that the locomotives are running long hood forward. Could this be a foretelling that some day another railroad in the area that ran with long hood forward would become a part of it? I didn't think so either. © Roger A. Holmes.
Ned Carlson Didn't P&E normally run long hood forward? That's what I remember as a kid, and what I've seen in photos of the P&E, too.
1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP

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