Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dam on Hickory Creek in Joliet, IL


Red Mill (sawing and grain grinding) was "located on Hickory Creek just east of the present-day railroad overpass near the entrance to Pitcher Park." [JOLIET Transportation & Industry A PICTORIAL HISTORY by Robert E. Sterling, p11] I don't think the present day dam was for that mill because it looks too modern. Nonetheless this is probably a rather old dam because it does not have an ogee (nicely curved) spillway. Fortunately, it does have a footer.

There was a set of steps down to an observation deck that made it easy to get the first two pictures after I found a place to park in the area.
20170621 9297
[Once again, I have trouble taking a "level" photo when leaning over a railing.]

I was able to catch a glimpse of the dam through the treeline along Highland Park Drive.

When I was taking a picture of the former Rock Island bridge over Hickory Creek, I noticed that if I moved a little to my left I could see part of the spillway under the bridge.

Digitally zooming in on the spillway.

Camera resolution
BTW (By The Way) I saw and animal walking along the side of Highland Park Drive downstream of the dam. I think it was a beaver.

Bob Dodge posted
Pilcher Park Dam in Joliet Illinois
Bill Grenchik Has to be pre 1962 that's when they rebuilt the dam
Mark Schofield A rare action shot of the TA! Love it!
Thomas Finger And the articulated cars.


  1. Replies
    1. I know it existed as of 2017 because that is when I took the photos at the top of these notes.

    2. It does still exist. I conducted fish surveys above and below the dam for a local watershed group this summer along all of Hickory Creek and some of its tributaries.

    3. Yes but talks of taking it out