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NS/NW/Wabash Bridges over Mississippi River at Hannibal, MO

(Bridge Hunter, Bridge Hunter Tunnel, no Historic Bridges, Satellite)

Street View

Street View
Terry Schwartzwalder posted
Wabash Mississippi River bridge at Hannibal, MO.
[Note the bins for the Bunge elevator under the lift span.]

David Webster posted
Tim Chism: Hannibal
[The Mark Twain road bridge is in the background.]

On the west side, it crosses the BNSF/CB&Q tracks then goes through a river bluff tunnel to curve south. Evidently this lift bridge was moved from Florence, AL in 1993 to replace the original 1871 swing span. It doesn't look like it has a very high lift. Since tugs used since 1993 don't have the high smokestacks of the old steamships, maybe the Mississippi River no longer needs a high clearance. Although some historic steamboats are still run as cruise ships. So maybe this is higher than it looks. It is a 406' span. Maybe the length of the span makes the towers look shorter. Once stat I miss from Bridge Hunter is vertical clearance.

From Bridge Hunter
The lift span in Florence, AL, from Bridge Hunter
Lisa Ruble posted
The Flying Eagle hits the train bridge.
[You can see the boat up against the span to the right of the swing span. I wonder if the water appears rather high.]

James Holzmeier shared Lisa's post
Hannibal, MO Wabash bridge looking north. The line in the foreground is the CB&Q K-Line running from St. Louis up to Keokuk.
Robert Andrews The swing span was replaced by a lift bridge in the 90's. Hannibal is also the home of the Wabash's only tunnel. A city park is on the bluff above the tunnel approach, diamond with the BNSF K-Line and the bridge approach. However, my last visit vegetation had taken over and all are hard to view from the "scenic lookout".

Lisa Ruble posted
View of open span of the Wabash railroad bridge from an excursion steamer, about 1905-10.
Mississippi River, Hannibal, Missouri (seen on the right) and Pike County Illinois.
Photo Credit: Anna Schnitzlein
Tim Shanahan shared
Frandy Putman commented on a post

Robert Daly posted three photos with the comment: "More bridgework--the NS ex-Wabash bridge over the Mississippi at Hannibal, April 12 2013. The view through the woods shows the BNSF line from St Louis to Burlington crossing the NS. The NS enters a tunnel immediately after crossing the BNSF."
I-72 is in the background.


The last photo is looking down at the end of the bridge and the diamond from the trail. The Wabash crossed the CB&Q.

And the following post taught me that he is looking down because the Wabash route goes into a tunnel.




The tunnel is rather short because of a long cut.
Satellite plus Paint

Chip Walker posted two photos with the comment: "A couple of my photos of the ex-Wabash bridge over the Mississippi River at Hannibal, Missouri.  Photos taken in July, 2018."


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