Saturday, June 17, 2017

Old Bridge Trusses are Strong

I normally don't do wrecks as separate posts. But it struck me that the truss span was holding the weight of the truck even after most of the cross bracing was wiped out.

Jesse Cornwell posted three photos with the comment: "Please explain to me how you can drive an end dump and NOT realize your bed is up while riding down the <expletive> road???"



3, cropped
Jeff Watt Ok but I'm with you . Dude had to leave the pto on .
Jeff Watt If the handle is inside and not locked I know it happens. Good old Camz from Baltimore did a few power lines and bridges.
Jesse Cornwell I'm actually surprised it didn't rip the body off the ram...
Heather Barrett We've had a couple drivers do that with our trucks.

The ram looks straight. I wonder if it can still go back down.

Given that my cars have been beeping at me since 1993 if I leave the keys in or the lights on, my first thought is that there should be an alarm that beeps in the cab if the bed is not seated. Then I realized that would require a connector standard so that every brand of dump trailer could talk to every brand of tractor truck. But now wireless technology would allow trailer manufactures to leapfrog the "define a standard" problem. They could install a sensor that sends the info to a little box you place in the cab.

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