Thursday, June 8, 2017

BNSF/Northern Pacific Grassy Point Bridge over St. Louis River at Duluth+Superior

(Bridge HunterJohn Weeks III; Satellite)

Marco Delgado posted
Duluth, Minnesota, USA
[It looks like UP's Big Boy motivated some interesting drone photos.]

Street View

Paul Scinocca posted
Great Lakes Fleet vessel, John G Munson passing the Grassy Point Bridge this morning [June 6, 2017], on the way to the Reiss dock to discharge limestone.
I learned from a comment on Paul's posting that John Weeks III has done a lot more bridges than just those on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.
John Weeks III
Terry White posted
John.G. Munson passing through the Grassy Point Draw on her way up to the C. Reiss Terminal to unload her stone load in West Duluth this morning. [June 6, 2017]

Dan Mackey posted
Aerial view of Grassy Point Drawbridge connecting Superior, WI to Duluth, MN over the St. Louis River. bridge heritage NP/BN/BNSF.
June 3, 2006, my photo

Matthew Pahs, September 2009
Bong Bridge
[What caught my eye was not only the fallen flag locomotives, but it appears the approaches are still wooden.]
Screenshot from a video that Paul Scinocca shared
JohnG Munson departing Reiss Terminal, passing through Grassy Point this Sunday evening [May 7, 2017] in Duluth. Video sped up 16x.
[Several comments noted he was rather close to the bridge.]

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