Thursday, June 1, 2017

1915 CSX/ACL Bridge over Hillsborough River in Tampa, FL

(Bridge Hunter, no Historic Bridges, Satellite (13 photos), Street View3D Satellite)

CSX has to do street running to get to this bridge.

Photo by Jessica DeBruler, 12/20/2017
[My wife and three daughters ended up renting a 12-passenger boat in Tampa, FL. If I had known they were going to do that, I would have gone with them!]
Photo by Jessica DeBruler
Photo by Jessica DeBruler
Photo by Jessica DeBruler

David Manns provided this video as a comment on a posting by Thomas Trumeter. David indicates the lift starts at 4:00.

His titles indicate this was the Atlantic Coast Line A Line and that it runs down a street. I wondered why he took so much video of just a horn blowing. I decided it was to emphasis how much honking the train has to do because of all of the street crossings. And how slow it has to go on a street.

I had noticed the street running when I was in downtown Tampa to do some bank business. I took these two photos of Polk Street while standing in the Marion Street crossing of Polk Street. (I took more photos because we walked down Polk Street. But I don't want to photo bomb this posting.) All that tedium of street running and bridge operation for just one covered hopper car makes me wonder what the location is of the industry that uses the hopper.

20151222 7638, looking Westish
Looking Eastish
Jim Kissane posted
Just watched the CSX GMS-2 geometry car go through downtown Tampa crossing the iconic Cass Street bascule railroad bridge
Details :…

Steve Carlos posted
Downtown Tampa. Hope those big brother cameras weren’t working😂🤣 if so Im probably in the system now 
James Banttari shared
A through truss bascule bridge over the Hillsborough River next to Cass Street in downtown Tampa. Built in 1915; currently owned by CSX.
Geoffrey Moreland: Does this still operate?
James Banttari: Geoffrey Moreland Yes - a few trains a week. Even more interesting is that the train is a “street runner” leading up the bridge. The train just travels down the middle of the street, going though traffic lights and no crossing arms - just “toot toot! I’ll run your ass over!”

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